Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yes I have a work, but it seems that I cant get the job done. Ive been in the company for 3 months and a half, still no sales. though, no sales experience have been my reason. But, what about others? Why do they have their sales?! Going to work has been a con for me but, I don’t like to make any reasons as to it lessens maturity, I admit. Im lazy when it comes to flyering and updating clients. But when momentum comes, still the results are the same. Pretty much, my issue is the fact that I look and act like a kid, my boss makes fun of me already, though im not affected all the time, sometimes, I do. And now, I’m not really sure of what I want to do with my life, I need to reassess my priorities and cross out those stress factors that can bring me and my motivation to the lowest point. Will I start again with a new career?! Am I the type of person who really cant do something right?! Or am I just a late bloomer? Boo. I cant be. My family needs me. I promised them ill be the one to support them once I get the job. I should be the one making things possible. 2 weeks to go and ill be kicked out of the company, I have no purpose. Now, I don’t have anything. I’m a real loser as my ex friend told us. I am, but wait, this isn’t gonna be forever, tables will be turned as to ill be successful and I will never let it go, ever.

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