Saturday, May 7, 2011

Greatly Hurt, Still thankful though

I cant say anything negative. this will be the first and last reaction, I just wanna say, you guys "all of you" i wanna punch you right in the square face real hard. good thing my mom told me not to. bearing this headache 12 hours already.this is stressing me out big time. im really disappointed. now im having trust issues. i cant seem to trust anyone already. i cant tell all of my feelings to any person. though this blog shit is public, im comfty, i dont now why, maybe rather telling person shits. i would prolly just write it or blog it. ya digg?! it hurts my feelings that i lose people that i thought were my friends, good thing soon enuf i realized they are big piece of shits. Thank you for the memories. i ddnt regret what has happened, im greatly thankful, that this thing happened.i learned my lesson and that is to trust no one but yerself..

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