Saturday, April 16, 2011


QUOTE FOR THE DAY: Never let fear of rejection or the unknown stop you from going after what you want. Be brave: "Take risks and never give up!"

Gaaahh! So many events today, so many invites, where should I go
Berkeley Turnover Event? should have a guest first.
Inuman kila Not? 
Batman's 23th Birthday?
Debbie, Kim, GF's NIGHT OUT?!

though I didn't commit to any, I want to go out tanyt, and enjoy my rest day.
Next Week's Holy week already, and my colleagues are asking me if I'd be available for Work on a Holiday, what should I do?
My mom wont let me, She's sorta angry to hear that, cause it should be all prayers and vacation, not work!
 Haay, and also the pressure of getting a sale is still killing me. Oh Please this is the only page that I can rant everything my life's been going through. Pluh-ease give me guidance and decide what should I do to make my life a lil better...

This weeks sorta crazy plus the fact that i had a breakdown last monday... haaah. should think fast.and stop blogging coz its already time to do things..... time is Gold.:)

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